Electronic Running Logbook

The log book program will provide you with three main graphs:

  • The first one showing your total distance covered per week, comparing your total to your target.
  • The second one showing your average time per kilometer for the week.
  • And the third one showing how far you have run in each shoe

Besides the graphs, all the calculations you need will be calculated. These calculations are

  • Average time per kilometer
  • Total mileage and time per week, per month and to – date
  • Many more calculations and summary of your information
  • Summary of distance covered
  • Prediction of your comrade’s finishing time


You do not need to know how to use spreadsheets to use this program.
All you need to do at the end of each run is input your total distance covered and the time it took.

The logbook is a free service brought to you by Sportsrun.

Make copies and give it to your friends.


 Logbook version 27


(Click on the ‘Download Button’ above)
When prompted click save, and then save it on your pc.
When you enter the time, please use this format: hh:mm:ss
i.e. if you ran for 128 minutes and 10 seconds then enter
2:08:10 (2hours, 8 minutes and 10 seconds)
Click enable macro’s when prompted. (this logbook makes extensive use of macro’s)


Please Email Me at davidzidel@gmail.com so that I can inform you of any updates or changes.